Switching to Shift4Shop
is Easy – and Free

Our eCommerce experts will help you migrate your site at no charge

Are You Ready to Switch to Shift4Shop?

Do you already have a website, but you want to start selling on Shift4Shop? Don’t worry, switching to our platform and Shift4 Payments can be simple and free to do!

For complex stores with over $5k/month in sales, our eCommerce experts will help you migrate your existing site at no charge. For smaller stores, we encourage you to use our standard website builder to design a new Shift4Shop site that matches your existing site. You can learn more about migrating your data here, or utilize our network of expert partners here.

If you would prefer to keep your existing site and just want to add Shift4 Payments, we can help you do that too.

Fill out the form below to set up a migration consultation and we’ll be in touch soon!